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The Power of a Guarded Heart - Prov. 4:23

The Heart is at the Heart of Life’s Problems  Jer. 17:9-10

Over the past year we have been looking at the importance that the heart plays in setting the tone of our attitudes on how we accept and handle life. The heart in both the Old and New Testaments imply a lot of importance to our “feelings”. The heart also refers to our will and intellect but majors on our feelings. Feelings generate our attitudes; attitudes will determine a lifestyle through our thinking, speech and behaviour patterns.

It is imperative that we learn to have our ‘feelings’ governed by the Word of God, that is, how does the Word define me or my situation I am presently going through? We always have a choice as to who we allow to define us at any given time – the Word of God or our situation. You can believe the lie and you will go down or believe the Word and fight your way up. It is really up to you. The “Truth” you know will set you free or the lie of the devil will hold you in bondage. That is the sum total of guarding your heart.

Some critical ways to guard your heart:-

1.Maintain a ‘soft’ heart. God will not change your heart; He leaves that up to you.

2.Build His Word into your live daily and obey what you read.

3.Honour Him and those who are above and around you, spiritual and civil.

4.Live in a state of forgiveness. Be ready to forgive.

5.Surround yourself with His people. Attend regularly a Spirit filled, Jesus exulting church.

Follow these simple steps and you will find your heart being guarded more each day resulting in smarter choices leading to a far better quality of life!

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